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ROCK CANYON COMMUNITY ALLIANCE has been established to promote community involvement -- businesses, families and neighbors working together to benefit ALL students at Rock Canyon High School.

The RCCA is a chapter of The Foundation For Douglas County Schools.

The Alliance serves as a means to fulfill teacher/staff grants and special requests from the RCHS administration as well as reduce the cost of After Prom events to create an affordable ticket price for students.

 2023-2024 GOALS

  • Distribute $20,000 in Teacher Grants

  • Host School-Wide auction & direct donation fundraiser

  • Sponsor 900+ students at After Prom 


Provide funding for additional materials, equipment and curriculum enhancements for the benefit of all Rock Canyon High School students.


A community-sponsored, safe, substance-free and fun evening following Rock Canyon High School's Prom and includes food, casino, games, prizes and more during the hours of 11:30pm-3am.


  • Kristen White, President

  • Emy Ross, Vice President

  • Jenn Mell, Secretary

  • Jen McGowan, Treasurer

  • Karen Brankin, Volunteer/School Liaison​​

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